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Server Information

You are safe from PVP if you stick to the area surrounding the spawn point, and you may build freely there. Leaving it for the Wilderness means you can get killed by other players. Travel by any means possible, there are no teleportation. There is a border 2000 cubes across the map.

Certain aspects of gameplay are altered from Single Player mode in order to prevent excessive lag or griefing. You can claim land to avoid getting your base raided, and you get combat tagged when in a PVP situation. The End is not accessible and no structures are generated. This means some items might be unobtainable. The Nether is no mans land, and no land can be claimed there. Beds can be used to set your spawn point, but cannot be used to skip the night.

OPs are available on the server for dealing with issues related to rules violations and server issues.

Show general commands
Command Description
/helpop <message> Message online OPs.
/modreq <request> Create a ticket if you need help from OPs.
/msg <user> <message> Sends a private message to the specified player.
/mail <user> <message> Sends an intra-server mail.

Land Claims

Claiming Land

You are responsible for your own builds when it comes to griefing. To avoid getting your base griefed, you can protect it by claiming the blocks around it. As a new player, you may create your first small claim centred around you with /claim. Future claims require a golden shovel.

Keep in mind claims decay over time, which means if you are away for a while other players can access your base. Players can enter your claim and loot your containers if they have a way inside; consider using iron doors and stone buttons or levers instead of wooden.

Golden Shovel

After acquiring a golden shovel, you can now create additional claims and create larger claims. You can also extend your already made claims. Using a stick you can click a block to inspect if it is claimed or not, and see the size of the claim.

Show land claim commands
Command Description
/claim Creates a claim. First claim is free, addition require a golden shovel.
/declaim Removes a claim.
/claimslist Lists your claims so you can keep track of them.
/trust <user> Trusts someone to your claim.
/trust public Lets the general public build in the claim while preventing others being able to claim your build.
/untrust <user>/public Untrusts someone to your claim.
/trapped Teleports you out if you are stuck in someones claim.


You can vote for the server on Planet Minecraft or FindMCServer to help the server get more recognition.


  1. Be nice and respectful.
  2. Do not use cheats or exploits.
  3. No unreasonable griefing.
  4. Be reasonable with claims.