This is a test server. Things might change and there may be lag.

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You are safe from PVP if you stick to the area surrounding the spawn point, and you may build freely there. Leaving it for the Wilderness means you can be killed by other players. Travel by any means possible, there are no teleportation. The map has a border 2000 cubes across the map.

You are responsible for your own builds when it comes to griefing. To avoid getting your base griefed, you can protect it by claiming the blocks around it. As a new player, you may create your first small claim centered around you with /claim. Future claims require a golden shovel. Keep in mind claims decay over time, which means if you are away for over a week other players can access your base. Remember that players can enter your claim and loot you if they have a way inside.

/claim Creates a claim. First claim is free, addition require a golden shovel.
/declaim Removes a claim.
/trust <user> Trusts someone to your claim.
/untrust <user> Untrusts someone to your claim.
/helpop <message> Message online admins.
!<message> Speak locally.
/mail <user> <message> Sends an intra-server mail.


  1. Be nice and respectful.
  2. Do not use cheats or exploits.
  3. No unreasonable griefing.
  4. Be reasonable with claims.