Player vs. Player

Server Information

The PVP server is hosting pickup games on classic pvp maps. Anyone can join at any time and play against other people in objective based matches. The server uses the PGM plugin to manage this automatically.

Status -
Players online -
Current map -


Once you join the server, you can watch the game as an observer. If teams are not full, you can type /join to play.

There are two map pools available, alpha and blitz. The alpha pool has the classics, while the blitz pool features maps with limited lives, often just one. To view the map pool list, type /pools and /pool --pool <name> to see the list of maps in that pool.


Join the game.
Shout to the other team.
Start a votekick.
Sit down anywhere.
Show the message of today.
View the rules.


You can vote for the server on Planet Minecraft or FindMCServer to help the server get more recognition.


  1. Be nice and respectful.
  2. Do not grief or kill your own team.
  3. Do not use cheats.